Andrew Blauvelt - Graphic Design Now in Graduate Education: Love, Hate, Hope, Fear

Oct 1st, 2012

Roundtable discussion among LA-based grad education leadership: Anne Burdick, Johanna Drucker, Henri Lucas, Peter Lunenfeld (moderator), Kali Nikitas, Louise Sandhaus, Dmitri Siegel, Lorraine Wild, and possibly/hopefully Mark Owens and Stuart Bailey. After designated period the discussion will open to Grad students for each of the programs represented: Art Center MDP, CalArts, Otis, UCLA DMA and GSEIS

The exhibition "Graphic Design: Now in Production," opening September 30 at the Hammer, raises a number of provocative questions regarding the future of Graphic Design education at the graduate level of study. Those questions include: What is the "specialized discourse" of graphic design at the graduate level as it is currently conceived?; Is graphic design qua graphic design still a valid subject of study at the graduate level?; How far do you push or expand a field before it becomes another field? This round-table will provide an opportunity for an exchange of thoughts and debate on these themes and others.

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Categories: visual communication

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