Bernie Lubell - The Etiology of Innocence

Mar 3rd, 2008

Bernie Lubell's interactive installations have evolved from his studies in both psychology and engineering. As participants play with his whimsical wood machines, they become actors in a theater of their own imagining. Since the early 1980's his installations have been shown widely in the San Francisco Bay Area and in Los Angeles, Florida and Europe. In 2007 "Conservation of Intimacy" won an award of distinction for interactive art from Ars Electronica and was shown at the OK Center in Linz.

Lubell's work includes a stone age digital computer, a rainstorm of chaos and nostalgia, a phone booth-confessional network, a mechanism to investigate Intimacy and room sized simulations of the human heart, brain and breathing. Several of his large installations will be on display at the Art Center in Pasadena (2/29 - 5/11).

He lives and works in San Francisco, California.

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Categories: form, interactive

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