Celestino Soddu - GENERATIVE ART : T h e D e s i g n o f trans F O R M ation

Mar 5th, 2003

Speaker Biography

Soddu is Professor of Architectural, Environmental and Industrial Design at Politecnico di Milano University in Italy. He is the Founder and Director of Generative Design Lab, DiAP, Politecnico di Milano University. Chairman of Generative Art annual international conference and Coordinator of "Euro-China" Exchange" technology and Culture of Generative Approach" a program financed by the European Commission. He was born in S. Maurizio di Brunate, Como, Italy. His offices are in Milan and Rome. Since 1979 his research is about the dynamic evolution of the artificial systems complexity and image, designing sequences and original software to emulate and control architectural, environmental and industrial design processes and to improve the manufacturing industrial processes.

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