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May 2nd, 2008

Currently living in San Francisco, Frances Dyson (Ph.D), is an Associate Professor in Technocultural Studies, University of California, Davis, where she teaches film, new media, audio art and technocultural theory, and is a member of various research projects centered on sound, new media, and digital humanities, including the editorial board of C-theory. Her web based project “And then it was Now” was recently published by the Daniel Langlois Foundation for Art, Science and Technology, Montreal and recent writing can be found in Kroker/Kroker (eds.) The Critical Digital Studies Reader (UoTP, forthcoming); Convergence: Winter, 2005 (London: Sage), and Catherine Richards Excitable Tissues (Ottawa Art Gallery) 2004. Her book Sounding New Media: Rhetorics of Immersion in the Arts and Culture – is forthcoming with the University of California Press. As a media artist Dyson has exhibited audio and installation/performance works in the US, Canada, Japan and Australia, and for over a decade has been a regular contributor to Australia’s premier audio arts program, The Listening Room (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).

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Categories: motion, sound, theory

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