Imaginary Forces and National Forest

Jan 20th, 2009

Imaginary Forces:

What do we do?

We research, we write, we draw, we design, we paint, we photograph, we sculpt, we program, we talk, we argue, we collaborate, we pitch, we imagine.

What do we make?

Film titles. Commercials. Interactive spaces. Television. Live action. Broadcast design. Virtual destinations. Experience Design. Graphics. Branding. The list goes on.

Regardless of the project, though, we always want to tell a story. Simple or complicated, it doesn't matter. Whether it be a main title or a journey through an immersive architectural environment, complete with audio, video, giant puppets and acrobats - the story needs to be compelling and relevant. And however we need to tell it, we will.

Above all, we approach our work as an opportunity to be innovative and always strive to create something that's never been done before. This is what excites us, what makes us tick.


National Forest:

National Forest is a full-service creative think-tank with an expertise in execution. We create visual languages that can last a season or a lifetime. Our art directors, designers, photographers and receptionists apply their respective artistic backgrounds, love of culture and a collaborative approach to every endeavor. Although we firmly believe "the concept" is the foundation of any impactful campaign, we are dedicated to developing and reinventing new aesthetics and approaches to keep our work graphically forward.


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