Lorraine Wild

May 28th, 2002

Graduate Programs present LA-based graphic designer Lorraine Wild of Green Dragon Office. Wild is well known as an influential and inspiring designer, writer, historian, and teacher. As Louise Sandhaus and Susan Yelavich stated, "Insightful, gifted, and ever mindful of the professional conscience, Lorraine Wild has changed both the face and voice of graphic design in the United States. From the inception of her career, she has brought her considerable intellect and creativity equally to graphic design practice, education, and history. Fluently traversing the realms of design and writing, of personal sensibility and social circumstance, Lorraine recognizes design both as a body of knowledge and a pursuit of knowledge. At heart, she is a negotiator. In her studio practice, she demonstrates the power of understatement as an artful means of binding form and content; in her teaching and writing, she wields the eloquence of polemic to engage her colleagues and students in an ongoing examination of their collective project. In all of her work, Lorraine continues to explore and extend the parameters of practice to encompass a wider notion of literacy, be it in politics, in art, in architecture, or in the significance of the ephemera of daily life. Her contributions as an educator, practitioner, historian and writer, have been, and are, vital to the growth of this discipline and will be felt through the continuum of generations."

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