Mark Kammerbauer

Apr 25th, 2002

Mark Kammerbauer is a German-American urbanist and architect with postdisciplinary strategic and tactical expertise in contemporary North Atlantic urban civilization, professional experience in urban planning and architecture in the U.S.A., the Netherlands, and Germany, and active as a publishing consultant for academic, educational, and architectural institutions and corporations. Clients include the Bauhaus University Weimar, Siemens, Agentur Baumeister, Callwey Verlag, DETAIL, Birkhäuser, and the Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning (BBR). He is currently a doctorate student at the Bauhaus University Weimar under the supervision of Prof. Dr. phil habil. Dieter Hassenpflug. His doctorate subject is long-term urban recovery and its spatial, institutional, and social aspects from an integrated urbanistic/vulnerability-oriented perspective and with long-term urban recovery in New Orleans after Katrina as example. He is one of the select few of urbanist researchers with practical experience who address the existing knowledge gaps between urban studies and disaster research in the context of a dialectical interaction between society and space. He has internationally published and presented contributions on this subject and received awards and scholarships for his research.

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