Noburu Tsubaki

Nov 18th, 2002

Noboru Tsubaki (Japan) is an artist of many mediums where he has worked with large scale outdoor installation, robotic sculpture, also connected with network interactive works, and community involved cultural projects

Tsubaki's history is somewhat unique. Born in Kyoto, he first aimed to be a lawyer, and then devoted himself to the classical tempera art. He's also devoted to minimal art, but finally he faced the fall of modernism in the '80s, and began to work on huge objects on his own. He is the Associate Professor at the Tezukayama Gakuin University, a lecturer at the Kyoto College of Fine Arts, and the Director at the Inter Medium Institute in Osaka. He has exhibited in numerous venues, such as the Art Tower Mito (2003), 45th Venice Biennal, San Francisco MOMA (1989), and San Diego Museum of Modern Art (1991).

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Categories: form, installation

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