Paola Antonelli - Workspheres

Jun 4th, 2001

An informal conversation about Paola's most recent exhibition, "Workspheres", which showed in New York in 2001. "Workspheres" examines the balance between work and life, and the important role designers play in devising effective solutions for our ever-changing work paradigms. The exhibition features six built concepts of work tools and environments designed by Naoto Fukasawa; Martí Guixé; Hella Jongerius; Lot/Ek Architects; the MIT Media Laboratory/John Maeda and Joe Paradiso; and a team made up of Jeff Reuschel and Ronna Alexander, Brian Alexander, Christopher Budd, Kevin Estrada,and Brad Paley. The concepts bring to life realistic visions of the near future and range in size and type from entire working environments to computer interfaces and personal accessories. The exhibition also presents a selection of prototypes already under development and available products that are designed with sensible and sensitive attention to the way we really want to work.

Speaker Biography

Paola Antonelli joined The Museum of Modern Art in February 1994 and is a curator in the Department of Architecture and Design. Her first acclaimed exhibition for MoMA, Mutant Materials in Contemporary Design (1995), was followed by Thresholds: Contemporary Design from the Netherlands (1996), Achille Castiglioni: Design! (1997- 98), Projects 66: Campana/Ingo Maurer (1999), Open Ends, and Matter (September 2000 - February 2001). Her most recent exhibition, Workspheres (2/8-4/22/2001) was devoted to the design of the workplace of the near future. The recipient of a Master’s degree in Architecture from the Polytechnic of Milan in 1990, Paola Antonelli has curated several architecture and design exhibitions in Italy, France, and Japan. She has been a Contributing Editor for Domus magazine (1987-91) and the Design Editor of Abitare’ (1992-94). She has also contributed articles to several publications, among them Metropolis, the Harvard Design Review, I.D. magazine, Paper, Metropolitan Home, Harper’s Bazaar and Nest.

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