Takahiko Iimura - Presentation of Multimedia Works and Discussion

Dec 31st, 1969

As part of an unprecedented ten-day multi-venue celebration of the work of Takahiko Iimura in Southern California, UCLA Department of Design | Media Arts will organize a presentation of his multimedia works, followed by a discussion with the artist. The works will be introduced by Iimura himself.

Iimura is considered one of the most influential and important experimental filmmakers of our time. In the early 1960s, an era of the explosion of Underground Film in the United States, Iimura, almost alone in Tokyo, began making experimental films just reading the news from abroad. His work explores wide range of experiments from poetic cinema with Dadaist and Surrealist influence and Absurdist filmic play in the 1960's through more formal and conceptual investigations since the 1970's. Iimura is also a widely established media artist, whose installations and performances have been shown in numerous exhibitions in Japan, the USA, and Europe.

The event will be hosted by the D|MA Professor Erkki Huhtamo.

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